D-Link D-Fend AC2600 Wi-fi Security Router powered by McAfee DIR-2680

All-in-one Wi-Fi router, smart home protection, parental controls and antivirus.

Comprehensive Security made Simple with World-class McAfee Secure Home Platform. High speed Dual-band AC2600, 4×4, MU-MIMO Wi-Fi. End-to-end protection for IoT devices with Prevent, Detect & Correct mechanism. Comprehensive Parental Controls. Cloud-based machine learning protects in real-time. D-Fend(McAfee) Supported. Super Mesh Supported.


  • AC2600 Wi-Fi with MU-MIMO
  • Gigabit ports (4 x LAN/1 x WAN)
  • Cutting-Edge Chip Technology, Intel GRX350 processor
  • McAfee Secure Home Platform (SHP)
  • Comprehensive parental controls
  • Downloadable antivirus software for devices
  • Protects all connected devices, including IoT devices
  • Cloud-based machine learning helps detect threats

AC2600 Wi-Fi Router
Powered by McAfee

All-in-one Wi-Fi router, smart home protection, parental controls and antivirus.

Handle Both Your Wi-Fi and Security Needs with One Router

Why buy a Wi-Fi router for your internet, and a separate firewall for security when you can do it all using the AC2600 Wi-Fi Router Powered by McAfee? Now you can enjoy high-speed, data-intensive activities like streaming HD video and online gaming without sacrificing your privacy and security.

Comprehensive Security, Made Simple

The AC2600 Wi-Fi Router Powered by McAfee goes beyond ordinary antivirus protection by integrating powerful smart home protection, parental controls, and antivirus in one router.

Superior Performance Without Compromise

High-speed AC2600 Wi-Fi with MU-MIMO and a bustling 1.6 GHz Intel® GRX350 processor lets you handle all your Wi-Fi and network security needs with no compromise in performance.

Protects Your Connected Home

Give every connected device an added layer of security with McAfee protection. Because whether it’s smart thermostats or baby monitors – especially devices that can’t install antivirus software – you can never take smart home security too seriously.

Powerful Parental Controls

Unlike ordinary antivirus protection, the AC2600 Wi-Fi Router Powered by McAfee uses McAfee protection to help keep your kids safe online with a comprehensive, customizable system of parental controls.

Intelligent Security that’s Always Learning

The AC2600 Wi-Fi Router Powered by McAfee defends your home network in real time. How? By using sophisticated cloud-based machine learning that constantly updates its threat database.
It’s smart home security that never sleeps.

Voice Control

Say hello to smart home security that reacts to your every command.
The AC2600 Wi-Fi Router Powered by McAfee works with Amazon™ Alexa™ to give you a new way to manage and monitor your home network – your voice1. (Note: Alexa control commands for McAfee protection requires both an Alexa-enabled device and a compatible D-Link router with the corresponding Alexa skill enabled. Amazon, Alexa and all related logos are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates.)